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7 Must-Have Things in Your Wedding day Emergency Kit

Ready to walk down the aisle?

Most people spend months planning their wedding down to every minute detail. They want to ensure everything will be perfect and there will be no setbacks that can ruin their special day.

However, troubles seldom wait. From the flowers and décor to the food and ensembles, even if each element is carefully planned, there’s no guarantee that minor mishaps won’t happen. This means it’s a smart move to have a stash of emergency supplies in your wedding day emergency kit.

Keep essential items close by in case you need them during the ceremony or the reception party. When you know you’re prepared for the worse, you’ll feel more at ease knowing you have the appropriate gear in place.

Here are some must-have items for your wedding day emergency kit.

A Sewing Kit

This can be your most reliable ally to stay protected against wedding dress mishaps. Basic tools like safety pins, needles, scissors, hem tape, and thread are a part of the sewing kit.

The kit will come in handy in case of any unfortunate accidents like a tear or scratch. Safety pins and fashion glue can be used to keep all the clothing in place to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.


With all the excitement and preparations, you might not find time to have a proper meal.

So, it’s a good idea to have a few sweets and salty snacks ready to keep the energy high and mood elevated. Skipping meals may cause you to feel dizzy or nauseous. Pack light snacks like a granola bar, some chocolates, or a few salty treats.

Makeup Essentials

Emergency makeup is the most important part of your emergency wedding kit. Throughout the evening, frequent touch-ups will be needed to look fabulous at all times.

Even if your mascara or lipstick smudges, you can easily reapply it with the help of your makeup kit, and you’ll be photo-ready at all times. Stock up on a few travel-sized pieces of blotting pads, concealer, mascara, and setting spray to save space.

Let your bridesmaids take care of any reapplication before important moments like family portraits.

Portable Steamer

It’s best to carry a portable steamer to eliminate any creases and lines on your dress. Especially if you’re wearing a satin dress, you’ll need the steamer more often to maintain the shine and finesse of the dress.

Stain Removers

A wedding emergency kit is incomplete without a stain remover. Throughout the day, you’ll be eating, walking, and traveling in your dress. You might get a stain on your white dress. Although this can be a potentially alarming situation, stain removers can be your savior.

Medication and Band-Aids

As the day progresses, you might feel lightheaded or tired. Headaches and body pains won’t stop just because it’s your wedding day. Stashing pain relievers and band-aids are necessary to be safe rather than sorry.

Anti-Blister Balms

All the ladies are going to rocking some striking heels. An anti-blister balm might prove to be very useful.

Everyone can dance the night away, blister-free!

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