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Engagement Announcement Ideas

Getting engaged is one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. After all the happy tears and excitement, it’s time to finally share the big news with friends and family. Here are some ideas to announce your engagement uniquely:

1. Share a picture of your ring

A simple and romantic way to announce you’re taken is by showing off your diamond in an intimate close-up of your engagement ring. Words are not always needed to clarify what the ring on your left ring finger represents.

2. Arrange an engagement shoot

Taking professional engagement pictures is the perfect way to share the big news. An engagement shoot is also a great chance to collaborate with your wedding photographer before your wedding day.

3. Throw a party

One of the simplest ways to celebrate the engagement with your family and friends is to throw an engagement party. It can range from informal to fancy and is a perfect way to celebrate your dedication to loved ones formally. If they haven't officially met, it's also a perfect opportunity to introduce the two families. You can spend good quality time with your loved ones.

4. Change your Facebook status

Why not just change your Facebook status to engaged, if you don’t want all the hype of sharing a photo on social media? This way, without revealing any information about your private and unique moment, your friends and family will always be to know your news.

5. Share your love story on social media

Stories from Instagram are a perfect way to declare an engagement so you can make them personal and exclusive. Share a story on your Instagram stories instead of just posting an image or video. For starters, you can display pictures and videos of your journey from the beginning of your relationship up to the proposal.

6. Customized shirt

Surprise them in-person wearing a customized shirt with “I said yes” written on it. It’ll be fun to see your friend’s reaction!

7. Share few photos of the special moment

Share your engagement news by showing your loved ones the picture of the moment you said 'yes!'. Share few pictures as well as a close-up of the ring and the happy couple of the in-process engagement! They'll love to see a glimpse of the breathtaking moment and to be able to share the happy moment with you.

Once you’ve shared the happy news with your loved ones, start prepping for the wedding. Start by choosing your wedding dress! Visit our bridal store to buy beautiful wedding gowns on sale. Reach out to us for more information.

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