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Engagement Ring Trends For 2021

With the coronavirus stats increasing with every passing day since the pandemic began, many couples took their relationship to the next level by moving in. Living together through a pandemic has helped couples get to know each other better and frankly, it’s better than having to stay alone during this long period.

With the vaccine being approved for this virus, experts anticipate the pandemic to end in the next few months. That means we can finally go back to having events, celebrations, and wedding receptions. Our experts are anticipating many proposals during the coming year. It’s only fitting to shed some light on the upcoming engagement rings for 2021:

Emerald engagement rings

Emerald rings add a hint of vibrance. It’s a step away from the traditional engagement ring, but it’s truly unique. These vibrant green gemstones represent new beginnings, which is just fitting for the occasion. Emerald works well with platinum, white gold, silver, and even yellow gold, making it incredibly versatile. With gold jewelry becoming more popular to wear on a daily, a gold engagement ring is ideal.

Vintage rings

Vintage engagement rings are simply stunning. There’s something about the design of vintage rings that make them so easily recognizable. Victorian and art deco rings are intricate and incorporate unique designs that are quite different from the engagement rings produced today. The milgrain pattern, elaborate halos, and filigree give a ring an antique look. You can’t go wrong with a ring with heirloom quality.

Rose-cut ring

Rose-cut diamonds have a flat bottom and are domed at the top. They resemble the shape of a rosebud and therefore look very feminine. Rose-cut diamonds look more glassy than sparkly, making them perfect for someone who doesn’t like very blingy jewelry.

Three-stone rings

We anticipate three-stone rings to become more popular after the Duchess Of Sussex was spouted in it. The cushion-cut diamond engagement ring is so unique and classy. Even though it’s encrusted in diamonds, it has a minimalistic feel to it. A three-stone ring looks stunning and the trilogy setting is known to represent love, fidelity, and friendship. You can choose to have similar stones, or mix it up too, maybe a diamond with a birthstone on either side?

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