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Festive Elegance: How to Choose a Holiday-inspired Wedding Dress

With the holiday season at its peak, many brides find themselves captivated by the allure of a holiday-inspired wedding. After all, the season of celebration and warmth offers a splendid backdrop for a union filled with festive joy. As a result, many brides dream of walking down the aisle in the perfect holiday-inspired wedding dress.

In this guide, we will discuss all you need to know about choosing the ideal holiday wedding dress at our bridal boutique in Denver. We’ll explore the nuances that define a holiday-inspired wedding dress, helping you craft a truly magical day.

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a dress from Mon Cheri

Luxurious Fabrics

Selecting sumptuous fabrics like velvet, silk, and Mikado for a holiday-inspired wedding dress is pivotal in elevating both style and comfort. These luxurious materials not only provide essential warmth but also infuse a gown with an undeniable sense of opulence and sophistication. Velvet, with its soft and plush texture, adds a tactile richness to the dress, while silk drapes gracefully, creating an effortlessly elegant silhouette. Mikado, known for its heavy and lustrous finish, imparts a regal quality, making it an excellent choice for winter celebrations.

A-Line and Ball Gown Silhouettes

Opting for A-line or ball gown silhouettes in holiday-inspired wedding dresses ensures a flattering and enchanting appearance. These styles effortlessly embrace the festive atmosphere, providing brides with a timeless and romantic allure.

The A-line silhouette gently tapers at the waist before flaring out. In this way, these dresses complement various body types, creating a universally elegant look. Meanwhile, the ball gown silhouette adds a regal touch with its voluminous skirt and fitted bodice. As a result, they evoke a fairy-tale-like ambiance.


an A-line wedding dress from Martin Thornburg

Brides are advised to consider these silhouettes for their ability to convey a sense of grace and sophistication. This way, they can perfectly align with the celebratory spirit of winter holiday weddings.

Embellishments and Sparkle

Selecting embellishments like sequins, crystals, and metallic embroidery for holiday-inspired wedding dresses adds a touch of festive glamour. That’s because these adornments capture the essence of celebration, creating a gown that sparkles with the joy of the season.

The key lies in the artful incorporation of subtle sparkle, ensuring it enhances rather than overwhelms the overall look. Sequins delicately catch light, creating a mesmerizing effect, while crystals add a touch of sophistication. Metallic embroidery, when applied judiciously, contributes to a gown's overall radiance. Brides are encouraged to strike a balance, allowing these embellishments to play a supporting role in enhancing the festive spirit.


a wedding dress with embellishments

Find your dreamy, holiday-inspired wedding dress at Platinum Bridals’store in Denver, where enchanting elegance meets personalized service. Our professional bridal stylists are dedicated to curating an intimate and enjoyable experience as you explore our wide collection. From Allure Bridals and Kitty Chen to Martin Thornburg and Eddy K Couture, our collection will exceed your expectations.

Trust us to guide you towards a gown that celebrates your natural beauty and personal style. Schedule your appointment today and discover the perfect dress that resonates with the magic of holiday celebrations.

Reach out to our wedding dress store today.



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