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Having Your Wedding Makeup Done Safely

COVID-19 has changed many a couple’s wedding plans for the year. Couples who were planning a big wedding celebration this year have either had to postpone their plans or have an intimate ceremony, like an elopement.

Nonetheless, brides are booking their wedding makeup and hair appointments for their big day. With salons open once again, you can easily have your wedding look done.

Here’s how the process of having wedding makeup has changed due to COVID-19:

Eye Makeup Is Done First

Instead of doing the base and switching between the eyes, makeup artists now focus on completing the eye makeup first. This way, their client can wear their mask throughout most of the appointment. Makeup artists are also wearing protective gear to make the experience safer for the client. They use gloves, masks, and even visors.

Makeup Isn’t Used From The Palette

To prevent any cross-contamination during the application, all products are scooped out onto a stainless-steel palette with a sterilized spatula. The makeup artist then uses the products from the palette, instead of straight from the pot.

Disposable Brushes Used For A Makeup Application

If clients request it, most makeup artists keep disposable brushes for makeup application. These brushes aren’t as high-quality as premium brushes, but they are more sanitary. Makeup artists generally sterilize their tools and use medical grade brush cleaners, so either option is safe.

Airbrush Makeup Is Avoided

Usually, brides have airbrush makeup applied for their big day. Airbrush makeup gives a flawless look, and it lasts all day. However, due to COVID, experts suggest we avoid aerosols. Aerosols can carry the virus from the air to be inhaled by the client. Liquid and cream foundations have come such a long way that you rely on them for your wedding look.

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COVID-19 is still a viable threat in the United States, and we take the health of our clients and staff very seriously. We are only accepting brides who have booked an appointment with our bridal boutique. The bride and their 2 guests must wear masks and follow our SOPs while in-store. Book your appointment with us here.

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