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How To Choose A Bridal Dress That Complements Your Body

If you’re a bride thinking which bridal silhouette will compliment your body best, then you’re at the right place. Different gown silhouette indeed looks good on different body types, but nothing should stop you from getting a dress that makes you feel like a queen. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right wedding dress:

Know Your Body Type

There are many types of bodies; different names have been given to them to categorize.

Petite, tall, pear-shaped, apple-shaped, hourglass, and inverted triangle are common body types. Knowing your body type can help you pick a dress best suited for you.

Types of Silhouette

There are many types of bridal dress designs; here are some famous bridal dresses silhouettes that will look best on different body types.

1.Mermaid Gown

This silhouette complements the brides with heavy thighs or lower body areas. The fitted dress helps draw attention to their curves which is the most prominent part. However, the flare starts from very below, so it’s not ideal for petite or short brides.

2.Ball Gown

If you want to hide your lower body instead of drawing attention to it, opt for a ball gown. It is fitted on the waist area with the voluminous flare starting below the waist all the way down to your feet.

The ball gown looks good on almost every body type, especially brides having a tiny waist. Just make sure to get the ball gown with enough fabric that your body can carry; you don’t want to look like the dress is wearing you instead of the other way around.


This is a sleek gown with a straight cut. Tall and petite brides, having no curves, can fit well into this design.


This design will look good on brides with undefined waist, whether they’re tall or have a short height. Brides with pear-shaped bodies or heavier hips also look good in an Empire gown.

5.A-Line and Modified A-Line

This gown style is fitted from the upper body and flares out after the waist, similar to a ball gown. They are just less voluminous, and the flowing skirt to the bottom gives an A-shaped effect to the body. This silhouette looks good on all body types and can complement any bride as long as it’s stitched and perfectly fitted.

Try multiple options

Remember: do not buy the dress without trying it. Trials can help you explore different designs and make the right choice.

How To Find Best Dress For Your Body Type?

Whether you have a pear-shaped, rectangle, hourglass, petite, or plus-size body shape, Platinum Bridal Colorado has many options for you in our store. You can book an appointment online, come for a trial at our studio, try on every bridal gown you like, and pick out the one that compliments your body best. Our experts will help you throughout the process by giving expert professional advice.

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