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How To Include Your Fiancé In Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can strain your relationship. It’s always assumed that one partner takes the wheel on planning the wedding, while the other just gives the nod of approval. However, there’s so much to be done that it’s a two-person job. Your partner might also begin to feel neglected or that they aren’t part of the process.

Here’s how you can include your partner in the wedding planning process:

Discuss the budget for your wedding

The first step to planning a wedding is deciding a budget. Typically, the couple pays for the wedding so that the financial burden doesn’t rest on one person’s shoulders. Since you’re both pooling in for the big day, it’s essential to discuss the budget for the wedding. Discuss how much you have saved away for the wedding and how much you can save during the wedding planning process from your income. Once the two of you come to a conclusion can you move forward with planning a wedding.

Ask for their opinion

Always ask your partner for their opinion on things for the wedding. They might just let you take over because you’re so passionate about having the perfect day. Don’t forget to get their opinion on things as well. It’s their big day as much as it is yours. Asking them for their opinion will get them to open up about how they feel about certain arrangements and maybe offer suggestions on alternatives.

Pick out gifts together

When picking out wedding gifts for your registry, do it with your partner. Picking out gifts is one of the more fun tasks when planning a wedding. If you’re doing it online, set a date and time to do it, make a date night out of it. To be better prepared, the two of you could draw up individual lists of your own and then compare.

Let your partner take on some planning aspects too

Delegation is key when planning a wedding. Don’t take on all the major tasks yourself. Trust your partner to do a good job at wedding planning and let them take the wheel on certain aspects too. Let them arrange the food and cake tasting, for example, or picking out the invites.

Plan the seating arrangement together

The seating arrangement at the wedding is really important, after all, your family and their family will be present. You want to place guests in a way that they feel comfortable and can have a great time. Planning the seating is also quite a complex process, and so having two people do it is way better!

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