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Ivory, Gold, or Blush - Which Color Should You Choose for Your Wedding Dress?

Choosing a wedding dress is a momentous decision. However, before you get caught up in selecting the fabric and sparkling embellishments, there's a crucial choice to make: the color.

Ivory, gold, or blush – each shade offers a distinct look, and picking the right one can tie your entire bridal ensemble together.

This guide will help you decide between these wedding dress colors so you can feel like the most beautiful version of yourself on your special day. We’ll also discuss how our expert stylists at Platinum Bridal can help you find the right color that suits you.

The Classic Choice: Ivory


 a bride wearing a wedding dress in an ivory color

Ivory is a wedding dress color that offers a softer alternative to stark white. Its subtle yellow or cream undertones add a touch of warmth and richness, making it incredibly versatile.

This shade tends to flatter a wider range of skin tones, particularly those with fair skin or pink undertones. Ivory pairs beautifully with all sorts of embellishments, from delicate lace appliques to shimmering beadwork, allowing the details of your dress to truly shine.

The Versatile Option: Gold

a bride wearing a stunning wedding dress in a gold color

Do you want to ditch the traditional white and opt for a touch of opulence? Then, choose gold as your wedding dress color.

A gold wedding dress stuns with its luxurious feel and unique flair. This unexpected choice lets you stand out and radiate confidence on your special day. Gold comes in a variety of shades, flattering a wide range of skin tones, and pairs beautifully with both simple and extravagant accessories.

The Romantic Blush: A Hint of Color

a bride wearing a stunning wedding dress in a gold color

Blush wedding dresses are a gorgeous choice for brides who want to break away from tradition and embrace a touch of color. This soft, romantic wedding dress color evokes feelings of love, femininity, and springtime joy.

Blush comes in a spectrum of shades, from a barely-there whisper of pink to a more pronounced rose hue. Consider your personal style and the overall feel of your wedding when selecting the perfect blush for you.

A lighter blush is perfect for a whimsical, ethereal look, while a deeper blush can add a touch of drama and sophistication. Overall, the subtle color adds a whole new dimension to your wedding photos, creating a soft, romantic aesthetic.

Looking to find your ideal wedding dress in Denver?

At Platinum Bridal’s store in Colorado, our expert stylists are here to guide you through every step of the process. We offer personalized appointments to understand your vision for your dream dress. This helps us curate a selection of stunning gowns in your ideal wedding dress color, silhouette, and fabric. Imagine slipping into exquisite gowns and finding "the one" in the luxurious comfort of our private suites.

Get in touch now to book an appointment at our bridal boutique.


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