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Things to Keep In Mind for an Outdoor Wedding

Whether you have always wanted an outdoor wedding ceremony or have been recently inspired by this latest trend, there are many things to consider when planning an outdoor wedding. Setting up an event with an outdoor vibe offers a variety of opportunities and options. At the same time, there are a lot of pieces to put together to make that ambiance elegant.

While navigating your way through all the pros and cons of conducting an outdoor wedding, let us be of some assistance. Here are four things you must keep in mind if you’ve chosen to hold your big day outdoors:

1.Look Out For Inconsistent Weather!

When selecting a date for your outdoor wedding, be wary of the weather conditions. Look up the weather forecasts a month before planning your wedding. You don’t want rain, snow, or extreme heat, or cold ruining your special day.

We’d also suggest you book tents in advance to be on the safe side. However, if everything seems normal, you may cancel the reservation a few days before your wedding.

2.Make Sure Nothing Is “Bugging” Your Guests!

Mosquitoes, Flies, Bees, and other bugs can be quite annoying when it comes to outdoor events. Save your guests from being miserable by having the ground treated professionally a few days before the wedding. You may also light up mosquito repellent candles along the pathway to deter bugs. Peppermints, marigolds, and lavender also work as secret weapons against pests.

3.Set up the Lighting!

Before you know it, your venue will be engulfed by darkness at the slightest hint of nightfall. To set the mood right, make sure you arrange proper lighting. Take into account fancy chandeliers, paper lanterns, twinkling lights, or pin spotlighting.

Also, you might want to hire an electrician who stays on standby in case there are any lighting issues. Lastly, prepare for an extra generator to avoid a blackout!

4.Use the Natural Scenery to Your Advantage!

One of the reasons you have chosen an outdoor setting for your big day is because you are inspired by nature. Therefore, we suggest you make the best use of it. Incorporate the natural beauty in your décor. Hang decorations and fairy lights on tree branches and nearby hedges. Use greenery or lakes as a background for your photo shoot and have everyone staring at you in awe!

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