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Unique And Beautiful Wedding Traditions

Getting married is a major milestone. It’s a time when two families come together to shower their love and well wishes on a newlywed couple. It’s a day you will never forget for the rest of your life. And what makes weddings even more special are the unique traditions various families and cultures have.

Here are some of the most beautiful and unique wedding traditions:

Sand pouring

Known as the Unity Sand Ceremony, this is a take on the traditional unity candle. It’s a tradition that’s rich in symbolism; it requires the couple to simultaneously pour two jars of sand into a bigger jar to symbolize the families becoming one. It’s a powerful message and is a great way to bring together a family. Some couples might request certain family members to initiate the sand pouring.

Family prayer

One of the more widely known traditions is the family prayer before the wedding ceremony. The parents and wedding party huddle together and pray for the couple. The family prayer often ends in tears of joy and pride, but it’s such an intimate and memorable way to begin the ceremony.

The sound of charms

This Norwegian tradition has the bride wearing an ornate silver or gold crown. The crown has charms that dangle. It’s believed that the tinkling of these charms expels spirits.

Money spraying

Money spraying is a Nigerian wedding tradition that began in Nigeria’s Southwest region. This tradition symbolizes the showering of happiness and riches, and represents people’s love for the couple. Money spraying takes the place of gift giving. The money sprayed shows the support of guests in the couple’s first steps in a life together.

Plant a tree

Many couples began introducing their own traditions for their big day. They do something special that symbolizes the bond they share, while staying true to their values. Planting a tree has been taken up by nature-loving couples as a way to represent their love sown and blossoming. The couple chooses a tree together and then pour soil and plant the sapling. Some choose to plant the sapling in a pot and eventually plant it in their first home together.


Handfasting is a symbol of unity. The officiant places a ribbon and wraps it around the bride and groom’s hands while they say their vows. This tradition symbolizes their loyalty, commitment, trust, and love for one another.

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