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Things to know about your bridal appointment

  • First appointment 1 hr 30 min.

  • Second appointment 1 hr

  • Accessories appointment 45 min.

  • Dress arrival appointment 30 min.

  • Dress Arrival with Accessories appointment 1hr

  • Our private suites can seat up to 5 guests + the bride

  • Our sample gowns in store go up to size 26W. Our designers produce gowns up to size 32W

  • Our gown price range is $750 -$4500

  • Appointments required for all services

Wedding Dress Shopping
  • Wear full coverage underwear - zippers and buttons on dresses can fall low on bridal gowns. 

  • Bring only your most supportive family and friends.

  • Bring something to tie up long hair - this will help you see all the details on dresses.

  • Remember to shave since the majority of wedding dresses will expose under arms. 

  • No children (includes infants)under age 10 please. We love children and infants very much but sitting still and not getting cranky for an hour or more is pretty hard for little ones. Due to sharp tables, leaning mirrors and lots of glass, our store is not a safe place for children. Our store has an  echo so cries amplify, making it difficult to hear phone calls etc.

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Hello beautiful Brides! We can't wait to meet you.  Please use the form below to request an appointment.  

  • Please note that this form is for appointment requests. Please check your email for confirmation that your appointment request has been approved and scheduled. Please call us if you do not receive a confirmation the same day of your request if your request is submitted during business hours. 

  • If you would like to request an appointment on a day that shows no availability, please call us. We can usually do a before or after hours appointment to accommodate.

  • Please note that cancellation fees are subject to change.