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Things to know about your appointment

Information and answers to FAQs

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Wedding Dresses Denver Eddy K

About us

We can't wait to meet you!

  • Our private suites can seat up to 5 guests + the bride

  • Our sample gowns in store go up to size 28W. 

  • Our gown price range is $1000-$4000

  • Appointments are required for all services

  • You will have a personal stylist to give you undivided attention and a personalized experience from start to finish.

  • After your Preview appointment, you will book a Second Appointment, not a Bridal Appointment

  • We always have samples for sale off the rack

  • It's best to use Google Maps to find our precise location. 

About You

Wedding Dress Fitting

  • Wear full coverage underwear

    • Why?   You will have a consultant helping you in and out of dresses. Zippers and buttons fall low on bridal gowns so it's courteous and sanitary to be covered.

  • Bring something to tie up long hair

    • Why?   Having long hair tied up will not only help you see all the details on dresses, but it will keep your hair from getting caught in zippers and clips.

Wedding Dress Shopping
  • Remember to shave and shower

    • Why? The majority of wedding dresses will expose under arms. We like to keep samples fresh and clean for each bride to try on.  

  • No children (including infants) under age 12, please.

    • Why? Let's face it, no one can resist a child's cuteness but this moment is all about the bride and we want our brides to get all the attention they deserve from consultants and entourages. Sitting still and not getting cranky for an hour or more is pretty hard for little ones and we don't have safe space for them to move around. Our store also has an echo so cries amplify, making it difficult to hear phone calls, etc.

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Get ready to have a fabulous time in your luxurious private suite at Platinum Bridal.  We are not salespeople so our boutique is a no-pressure zone. We're going to help you find your Bridentity and the perfect wedding dress!

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