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Groom's Accessories
We are so excited to announce our partnership with Jim's Formal Wear for Tuxedo & Suit rental or purchase. 

Tuxedo and suit rental is as easy as 1, 2, 3

The most advanced virtual experience is literally at your fingertips

The JFW Referral Program is the perfect solution for bridal party tuxedo and suit needs.

5 Key Benefits

  • FREE and easy registration process

  • Great for out-of-town bridal party members

    • Ensures that ensembles match perfectly and are exactly what the couple has chosen 

  • ​​Online Measurement

    • Submit two photos for accurate formalwear measurements

    • The bridal party can conveniently get measured and pay for tuxedos and suits without visiting a store

  • Direct Delivery

    • JFW ships ensembles directly to each individual's home, office, or destination

  • Referral orders for weddings can qualify for the Groom's tux or suit to be FREE

    •  Once 5 other paid orders ship, the groom will receive a credit to the original payment method for the amount of his rental (up to $250). 

Fixing the Bow_edited.jpg

Stage One

  • Let us  register your wedding with Jim's Formal Wear

  • We will collect a minimal amount of information to help get you started on creating your formal wear look

  • You will gain access to the exclusive JFW portal. (not available online)

Formalwear Accessories_edited.jpg

Stage Two

Once you have access to the portal, you can

  • Change or update looks at any time 

  • Take a required photo to scan and submit measurements

  • Give portal access to anyone renting formal wear to submit and pay for their order

Man with Suit

Stage Three

The end results are:

  • The bridal party will receive and try on the ordered attire

  • Look great on the wedding day

  • Easily return attire using the return supplies provided

FAQs for Tuxedo and Suit Rentals

Is there any cost or obligation to be registered with JFW? No. There is no cost to register your wedding. Once your wedding is registered there is no obligation​​ to purchase

Will Platinum Bridal handle my JFW order? No. We will register your wedding with JFW. Once your wedding is registered you will be in the capable hands of the JFW professionals.

​Do the members of my bridal party have to wear a tux or suit to qualify for registration? Yes. JFW minimally requires a coat and pant rental for each member of the bridal party to be registered for the virtual portal. 

Are there any appointments or consultations required for tux and suit fittings? No. We don't have any tuxes or suits in our bridal store to try on, nor do we know which measurements JFW requires.  By having us register your wedding, we are your connection to your JFW virtual portal and the JFW team. 


Am I eligible to register even if I don't purchase a dress from Platinum Bridal? Yes. Anyone interested and getting married can have their wedding registered. There is no Platinum Bridal purchase or visit necessary. ​

Do I have to get married in Colorado to be registered? No. You can travel anywhere and have your attire shipped to your destination if needed. 

Am I able to purchase my attire rather than rent it? Yes. The JFW portal will direct you to items that can be rented or purchased. 

Registration Form

Jim's Formal Wear Registration Request Form

Wedding Date
Which of the following wedding party members will be renting a tux/suit?
How many Groomsmen?
Would the groom prefer to wear any of the following?
Are you a Platinum Bridal Client?
Yes. I/My Fiancee purchased a dress at Platinum Bridal
No, but I/my Fiancee did visit Platinum Bridal
No. I have never been to Platinum Bridal

Upload your tux/suit inspiration

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