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4 Tips to Plan a Small Intimate Wedding

Millennials and Generation Z have been overturning the way we do weddings in American society for a good couple of years now. They are changing the trends, from big to small and extravagant to minimal.

Things got even more shaken up now that we’re in a pandemic. Small weddings are all the rage now, and for reasons other than just a budget. Here are some tips on how you can plan a small intimate wedding.

1.Budget Everything Out First

The first step to planning a wedding, no matter how big or small, should always be budgeting everything out. You should sit down with the people you always turn to for guidance, maybe even hire a wedding coordinator or planner, and make a proper budget.

Take everything from décor to logistics into consideration. Plan out the costs for your venue, catering, wedding dress, extra add-ons like bars or chocolate fountains, seating arrangements, décor, etc.

2.Keep Your Guest List to a Minimum

It should go without saying that a small wedding should have a small guest list. Keeping your guest list to a minimum is usually a tough task to accomplish since you probably have a large social circle that you would like to include in your celebrations. It can also be difficult to keep guest numbers low because some venues have requirements for minimum attendance.

You can cut down your list by only keeping your closest family and friends into consideration and not allowing plus-ones.

3.Personalize the Décor

Nothing will make your wedding décor stand out than your personal touches to it. You should take time out to personalize whatever decorations you can, including your bridal dress. Add your style to the floral arrangements, hand-write the invitations and menus, display pictures frames of you and your loved ones around the tables and prepare gift boxes if you can afford to do so.

4.Incorporate Your Favorite Activities

If you and your partner are outgoing people, chances are you would love to host an after-party on your wedding day. You can also incorporate some activities that you and your loved ones have memories attached to in your ceremony, such as drinking games, party tricks, karaoke, etc. This is what will help you make the best memories!

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