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5 Ways To Include Pets On Your Wedding Day

Those of you who have pets understand how much they mean to the family. They are there at the door every day, eagerly waiting to cuddle with you once you’re back from work. With a wedding to plan, it’s probably difficult to give them the attention they want.

Pets are such a huge part of our lives, so how can they be left out of the wedding celebrations? Your wedding day will be incomplete without their paws around you.

Here are some ways to include pets on your big day:

Four-legged ring bearers

Usually a little cousin or niece or nephew carries the wedding rings down the aisle. Create a show stopping moment at your wedding ceremony by having your pet bring the rings for you and your partner. Have a family member walk the dog, just to ensure they don’t run off. Have a bow on their neck that coincides with the theme of your big day.

Have them pose in wedding pictures

You can’t have your wedding photos without your pet. Book your photoshoot in a way that your pet can be there too. While guests are having their cocktail hour, the bridal entourage, including your pets, can get as many pictures as you like.

Photo booth props

Photo booths are a fun trend at wedding receptions that’s been around for a while now. Photo booths are especially handy for those having an unplugged wedding.

Every photo booth requires good props to make the pictures fun and cute. Do away with the traditional “I’m next,” “Mrs.” And “xoxo” props for your photo booth. Instead, have custom props made that include your pets.

You can also have a photo booth wall with cutouts so that guests can put their head through for a hilarious picture.

“Paw”esome cake toppers

Cake toppers are always fun to play around with. You can have custom cake toppers made that are replicas of your pets, put a veil or bow on them and you have the cutest cake toppers possible!

Alternatively, you could have custom cake toppers of you and your partner and the pets between the two of you.

Pet inspired décor

Showcase your love for your pet on your big day with décor inspired by your little monster. Have a little cutout of your pet added to your bridal bouquet as a sweet personal touch. You can also dedicate the theme and décor of the place to your pet or pets. Their silhouette cutouts can be used to hold a napkin down, or as confetti sprinkled on the tables.

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