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Bridal Makeup Do’s And Don’ts

Every bride wants to look drop dead gorgeous on their big day. Brides are expected to have that radiant glow, and makeup can really help amplify that.

Bridal makeup tends to be quite different from what you are used to wearing usually. The makeup application is meant to last a long time while looking like skin, however, certain makeup mistakes on your big day can affect your overall look.

Makeup don’ts

Don’t get a spray tan before the big day

Spray tans are the worst when you’re wearing a white dress. You will sweat it off and your wedding dress will be a mess. You will also have patchy areas of spray tan which isn’t a good look. Go for a gradual tan the week of your wedding for a healthy glow. Don’t go too dark and try to embrace your natural complexion as much as possible.

Don’t cake up

Makeup tends to go cakey when it’s applied heavy-handedly. Make sure the powders aren’t caked on to your skin since that will make you look very crepe-y.

Don’t try a drastically new look for your wedding

Your wedding day isn’t the day to experiment with new looks. It can go one of two ways, and in most cases it ends up with the bride looking unrecognizable. Your makeup look for your wedding day should enhance your natural beauty and reflect the makeup look you’re mostly wearing.

Don’t wear makeup with SPF

While SPF is great for skin protection, it isn’t necessarily something you want on your big day. Makeup with SPF is known to leave a white cast and flash back in photographs due to its titanium dioxide content.

Makeup dos

Build up your look with thin layers

The key to not looking cakey on your big day is to work with good products and thin layers. Instead of one thick coat of foundation, opt for a thin coat and then build up in areas where you need the added coverage. Build up your eye shadow and lipstick in the same manner too. With eye shadow, apply a little then blend and repeat the process a couple of times. With lipstick, apply and blot multiple times for a long lasting stain.

Check your makeup in natural light

Always make it a point to check your makeup in natural light. Bright sunlight is the harshest light you can come by and it emphasizes any cakey-ness and lack of blending. Check your makeup in natural light before you leave for the venue.

Match your face to your neck

While we understand that you might like a bronze look, that doesn’t mean you start your makeup with a foundation that’s darker than your skin. Color match your foundation to your jaw and neck. You can then use bronzer for that glow.

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