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Frame Your Face: Picking a Wedding Veil For Every Face Shape

Brides often think their wedding veil should be determined by their dress; however, their face shape also determines if you can pull off a certain veil or not.

A veil is what gives a bride that traditional look. Though some have opted to ditch the veil altogether, many brides still wear a veil for their wedding ceremony and then remove it for the reception.

Our experts can help you find the best style of wedding veil for your face shape:

Round face

A round face can be described as one that’s as wide as it is long. Many women think having a round face isn’t flattering, but brides with a round face are the luckiest. They can opt for any kind of wedding veil style they like, whether it’s long, short, or mid-length. It’s better to go with simpler fabric, however, when you have a round face. Simple tulle fabric has fewer layers and folds that won’t add more volume.

An oval face

Choosing the perfect wedding veil is all about balancing your face’s dimensions. An oval face is narrower and longer. Stay away from long veils for this face shape. The length of your veil will only make your face look longer. Choose a mid-length veil. It will be easier to move around in and for your partner to lift. Opt for a simple fabric with light embroidery on the edges.

Rectangular face

A rectangular face shape is close to that of an oval face with the added angle at the jaw. A waterfall veil will look stunning on such a face shape. It will make your face look rounder and balance your look.

Heart-shaped face

The cute and innocent-looking heart-shaped face can also sport a variety of wedding veil styles. A ballet veil is the best option for a heart-shaped face. It’s one that reaches your nose with a curved train. This type of wedding veil adds width to the chin area to balance you out.

Square face

A square face is one with a more angular jaw. A long tulle veil similar to that worn by the Duchess, Megan Markle, is a great example to go by. It provides volume in all the right areas.

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