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How to Wear a Long-Sleeved Wedding Dress this Summer?

From Kate Middleton to Meghan Markle to Kim Kardashian, numerous celebrity brides have walked down the aisle in long-sleeved wedding dresses. If you’re shopping for a wedding dress at our bridal boutique in Denver, we wouldn't be surprised if you wanted to follow this glamourous trend.

But is a long-sleeved wedding dress fit for a summer wedding? How do you manage wearing full sleeves in the heat? Our experts have shared some helpful tips to help you out.

Choose a Light Fabric

A brilliant way to beat the heat is to choose a light fabric for your dress. If you’re a bride planning to wear a full-sleeved wedding dress, ensure you choose light and breathable fabrics— for instance, materials such as chiffon, illusion tulle, or lace are light fabrics that can keep you comfortable on your big day.

Opt for a Summery Style

Besides picking the right fabric, the right style for your full-sleeve wedding dress is equally essential. Most of our wedding dress designers recommend balancing your full-sleeve wedding dress with a flowy skirt. You could also do that with an open neckline.

A full-sleeved wedding dress in summer can make your style look too wintry or far from the expected summer wedding trends. Balancing your long sleeves can prevent your wedding dress from looking off-season while keeping yourself cool throughout the event.

When considering summer wedding apparel, consider all features of your wedding dress, not just the coverage. That’s because features such as large skirts, heavy laces, thick silks, etc., can all make your attire warm and make you feel hot.

Accessorize Wisely

Whether you’re wearing a long-sleeved wedding dress in summers or winters, they scream class and drama. That means you need to accessorize sensibly and pick equally chic accessories, such as statement earrings or cathedral-length veils, to mimic the overall aesthetic.

But be mindful of over-accessorizing. Since your long-sleeves are already the center of attention in your wedding look, over-accessorizing can mess it all up—keep It chic yet simple.

Consider an Outfit Change

Most brides change out of their wedding dresses after their vows. There’s one who set a gorgeous example with her long-sleeved wedding dress—Meghan Markle.

The Dutchess of Sussex wore a full-sleeved wedding dress for her indoor wedding ceremony, then changed outfits, wearing a sleeveless halter neck dress for her wedding reception. You can follow in her footsteps with an outfit change.

If you’re not ready to splurge on another dress, add detachable sleeves, so you can easily slip out of them and rock a sleeveless look.

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