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Plan for Great Light to Showcase Your Bridal Dress Right

'Photo' and 'graph' can be translated into 'light' and 'painting', so all that photographers do is paint with light. The light must be assessed in the right way to ensure the subject in the photograph is well lit. Here's how to create the best wedding photos that showcase the wedding dress and accessories:

Bridal Preparations

Your wedding day is a story that you would want to document right from breakfast in bed with your mother to killer dance steps collaborating with your husband in the late hours of the night. So, why would you not want to capture any of it? Correctly lit images are elegant, beautiful, and powerful that can capture emotional moments even in relative peace. You'll want to stay in the largest room available, which allows ample light that illuminates the space, giving your photographer more to work with. Even if natural light isn't an option, you could make use of fluorescent, tungsten, or candlelight to make the most of your shots.

Wedding Ceremonies

There's an awful lot that could go out of control in a wedding ceremony. But lighting is one thing you will surely be able to control by coordinating with your wedding coordinator. If your wedding ceremony is going to be held out in the open, ensure that the time you have scheduled for the main events has tons of light. 10 am to 3 pm are usually times to be avoided as they experience harsh lighting. The after-hours are much cooler and should make the pictures turn out just right.

Wedding Reception

You'll have to discuss the size and light sources (both natural and artificial) during the reception ceremony too. Remember to coordinate with your DJ regarding the type of light they will be using. Also, coordinate with the event planner the lighting during key moments such as the first dance or cake cutting.

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