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Wedding Gowns 101: Learn the Silhouettes

Though shopping for a wedding gown can be overwhelming, doing your research to learn about the styles and the terminology to ask can help you through your first appointment.

While preparing for your bridal appointment, remember that a fitted sheath, trumpet, or mermaid gown will highlight your curves. Moreover, gathers or pleats around the waist can accentuate it, and a well-fitted, loose, and high-waist skirt will combat this. Whenever in doubt, it’s better to opt for an A-line gown.

Every little detail matters when it comes to creating the wedding dress of your dreams. So a quick understanding of the silhouettes complementing your personality and body type will help you make the best decision. Here’s what you need to know.

Tips to Choosing the Best Silhouette

When hunting for the perfect bridal gown, the first step is to have a vision in mind to avoid confusion. You can try multiple options while focusing on your most flattering features. Since you will wear the gown for several hours, the style you pick should be comfortable. It’s not just your body type that should be considered when making a decision; it’s all about being happy and confident.

A-Line Gown

An A-line gown never goes out of style, complementing all body types. It gives a fitted look until the waist where flares out into a soft A-shape. According to bridal fashion experts, this silhouette hugs you in the right places and is best suitable for curvy and pear-shaped brides. While hugging the waist, an A-line gown creates a slimmer waistline and flatters the bust.


This silhouette contours the body along the chest to the knee and is flared onwards. The style emphasizes the waist and hips instead of narrowing them, especially for apple-shaped brides. Choosing the right shapewear is essential with the mermaid dress. Since the mermaid dress is fitted, make sure you can freely move in it and sit down easily.

Ball Gown

The ball gown features more volume, giving you a classic, more dramatic look. Fashion experts suggest this fit-and-flare silhouette is for slim-hipped brides with a fuller bust. The fuller silhouette hides the lower body and accentuates the waist while the voluminous skirt balances the fitted top.

However, brides conscious of their hips should remember that the skirt can make them look larger. Since one can drown in the swathes of fabric, consider keeping the embellishments tonal and minimal.

Choose a silhouette that’ll best define your physique at Platinum Bridals in Colorado. We offer a diverse variety of options to choose from. Designers such as Sophia Tolli and Eddy K have their dresses featured in their stores. Visit our bridal shop in Denver to buy the best wedding dress for yourself. Contact us today or book an appointment!

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