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Why the Wedding Dress Is the Most Important Thing

Marriage is an ancient tradition. But as one can guess, American wedding traditions have developed slowly over time. The modern-day wedding is an amalgamation of surviving trends, with influences from multiple cultures and years of adaptation.

That's why Platinum Bridal in Colorado ensures that customers take their time curating the perfect look. We welcome all brides and up to five loved ones. We know we can make you look perfect, and we're willing to prove it.

The importance of the bridal gown is not new. While they weren't always white and lacy, even primordial weddings assigned great value to the bride’s clothing on her wedding day. The ceremony has always been considered a special occasion. So naturally, the garments would—if possible—be clean, new, and discernable from daily wear.

But the idea isn't just to add value by way of beauty, and the color isn't just a way to illustrate purity and virginity. The roots are spread wider than you think.

It Caught On

As the United States of America became richer, brides chose more and more extravagant garments. But fashion was very much still under the influence of European vogue. And in Europe, royalty firmly gripped the reigns of fashion.

When much-loved icon Queen Victoria of England chose white satin for her wedding day, the public noticed. And loved it. Her style was so revered that she subsequently had the dress destroyed to make it impossible to copy!

White Dresses Now

In recent years, there has been some deviation from the pristine white gown. While it's still very much the norm, brides have sometimes chosen to stand apart from the custom and make a more personal choice. Designer wedding dresses have also aimed to be different and edgier.

Some balk at the idea of white due to 'unfeminist' connotations.

Interestingly, it wasn't until Elizabeth Taylor married Richard Burton in a yellow bridal dress that alternate colors became a trend. But as anyone who has walked past bridal boutiques would know, that trend has not at all overthrown 'tradition'.


‘Virginal white’ may be an idea built and popularized entirely by beauty magazines, but there's still symbolic significance attached to it. Although the basis may not be as deep-set as popular culture makes it out to be, it is not a coincidence that while gowns have gotten longer, shorter, simpler, and poofier, the color has been largely consistent.

So perhaps the roots are irrelevant. It has been argued that white is the perfect color to signify the idea of starting anew. Maybe not in the conventional sense of leaving behind maidenhood, but becoming a partner as opposed to an individual.

At the end of the day, weddings are traditional by default. The real importance of your dress is that it makes you feel beautiful. In your own eyes. Our bridal boutique in Denver aims to create a space for all brides to construct the wedding look where they feel like themselves. Our team is determined to help every bride realize their fantasies, from the best wedding dress to the best designer wedding accessories. Give us a call at (303) 428-8000 to discuss your ideas, and we'd be happy to treat you to some insider tips.

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