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3 Secrets Every Bride Should Know About Bridal Dress Shopping

Most brides are excited about the long-awaited wedding dress shopping experience. There are over two million weddings every year in America, and for many brides, the excitement dies down with time. Anxiety and confusion can take over, leaving the bride overwhelmed.

There are many other things women don’t know about when shopping for a wedding gown. Here are three secrets every bride should know:

It’s Not Always Luxurious

Silk robes, crushed velvet couches, and flutes of champagne are what come to mind when one thinks of bridal boutiques. Contrary to what you may have seen on TV, shopping for bridal gowns can be exhausting and is not always a luxurious experience.


In reality, you may have to sift through racks yourselves to find the right dress. The experts will give suggestions and help you try on dresses, but they won’t do all the work. For some reason, many brides think they will be the only ones in the store. But, more often than not, other brides are trying on dresses around you.

The Final Decision

You may have already envisioned yourself walking down the aisle and saying I do in a beaded mermaid gown, but will it actually turn out that way? 4 out of 5 brides choose to wear white, and most brides have an idea (or album) of the type of wedding dress they would like. But, many of them end up buying the complete opposite of what they came looking for.

Creating a Pinterest board with the ‘perfect’ wedding gowns is all well and good, but only when you actually try them on will you realize what’s right for your features and silhouette. While some dresses don’t flatter their bodies, others are too uncomfortable to enjoy.


Many brides look past the bridal accessories, and when they do browse them, they end up buying everything at once. Veils, tiaras, jewelry: these are as important as the dress because they can either change or complete your look.

Once you have finalized your bridal gown, try on a headpiece one by one. If you’re able to select one, try the jewelry next. But don’t put pressure on yourself to buy them there and then if you aren’t sure.

Platinum Bridal provides the ultimate bridal dress shopping experience in a sophisticated setting. From designer wedding dresses to elegant wedding accessories, you can find it all at our bridal boutique in Denver.

Contact us today to get you started on your dress shopping. Our experienced stylists will help you choose the dress that fits all your needs.

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