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What’s In The Trunk? A Guide For Every Bride To Help Them Choose The Best Dress

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

If you think you could never find your wedding dress at a trunk show, you’ve been seriously underestimating them. Acclaimed designers across the world showcase their newest designs at trunk shows. Not only can you feast on a wardrobe full of beautiful wedding gowns embellished and modeled in their full glory, but also see which style seizes your interest.

If you’ve never really been into fashion or clothing, you’d be quite unsure of your own likes and dislikes. This show will also help you make up your mind about what you’d like to see on yourself on your big day!

Cherry on top: the designers will be super-welcoming to all questions and queries so you can get your biggest fears out of the way!

What Happens At A Trunk Show Event

At the event, a popular name in the clothing industry will display their entire range of wedding dresses in a bridal boutique. This is a hundred times better than browsing through pictures on the internet or sifting through albums on Facebook. You get to experience the fabric, colors and designs live and book appointments at the salon if it interests you. On your appointment day, you can even try on your favorite ones and see how they look on you!

Where Do They Take Place

Many bridal stores and boutiques hold bridal dress trunk shows on a contractual basis with reputable designers. You can check websites of salons near you to see if there’s a trunk show coming up. You can see a list of dates and designer labels that’ll be putting up their collection on display. The appointments are often reserved on first-come-first-serve basis so be quick to grab your time slot by scheduling your appointment early!

How Is It Different From The Dresses Already in A Bridal Salon

Traditionally, bridal salons have only select wedding dresses from their designers’ collections. This largely limits the options available for you to choose from because you can only try on the designs that bridal salon has selected to carry. A trunk show allows you to survey a larger market of bridal dresses from designers by visiting that same bridal store. So it’s great for saving time and effort spent on hunting down designers and dresses yourself.

Some Perks Of Attending A Trunk Show

If you’re thinking of relying on websites alone, it’s a bad idea! It’s drastically better to talk to someone who knows this trade to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. A great advantage of attending such shows is that sometimes you’re able to lay out all your concerns in front of the designer and seek answers then and there. You may also express your discomfort with a certain detail on a design which you want replaced with something else and the designer can offer you their take on it. This way you’ll have something fancy yet personalized to wear on your wedding day.

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