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3 Wedding Ring Alternatives

Wedding rings have been used as a symbol of love to the end of time between a couple. Though this tradition is known to have begun many centuries ago, there’s no concrete evidence on when it came about. The oldest recorded exchange of rings is said to have happened 4800 years ago in Egypt.

Well, as you know, wedding traditions change over the years. Modern couples have chosen to ditch tradition in many ways and do what they feel is right. Previously the bride and groom were no allowed to see each other before the wedding. However, couples today cohabit, and many have a “first look” on their wedding day. Likewise, many brides have ditched traditional white wedding dresses for colorful ones, and some even choose to stay true to their style with jumpsuits.

Ditching the wedding ring is another such change modern couples are in favor of. Some don’t like the idea of jewelry, while others think they should put the money to better use.

Here are some cool wedding ring alternatives you can try for your big day:

Create a bucket list

A wedding ring is a promise of love and devotion through thick and thin, for the rest of your lives. What could be more meaningful than preparing a bucket list of things you two want to achieve together. Sit down and write out your collective bucket list and consider this a promise to each other.

Make this bucket list a healthy mix of goals that are easy to achieve and require more time and effort. You can use the money from the wedding rings to get started on ticking things off from that list.

Sponsor a child

Couples who have spent their lives helping others out tend to feel weird about having a lavish wedding. In the back of their mind, they know this money can be put to better use in the world today. If you feel strongly about this, you could decide to sponsor a child as a couple. This will not only give your union more significance, but also improve the life of a very lucky child.

Sponsor an animal

We’re living in a world that’s very cruel to animals. Animals are tested on and hunted down daily to the point where many are nearing extinction. If you two are passionate about animal welfare or just love animals, use the money to sponsor an endangered animal.

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