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4 Things To Do After You Get Engaged

Did you just get engaged? Congratulations!

This period of your life is just the beginning of more exciting things. You and your partner need to start planning your future together, including your wedding!

There’s lots to do, so start making your post-engagement to-do list early on. Here are some things to add to it.

Break the happy news to your network

Everyone in your circle should know you’re starting a new chapter in your life!

But first and foremost, you two must celebrate as a couple. Your celebration can be as simple as you crying with happiness and your partner feeling excited because you said yes!

After your little celebration is over, hop on a phone call with your family and break the news to them. Next, make your engagement official on your social media accounts. Be prepared to be flooded with hundreds of “Congratulations!” messages!

Get your ring resized and insured

Your gorgeous engagement ring is more important than you think. It signifies the start of the “happily ever after” phase of your life.

If you’re lucky, your engagement ring with fit perfectly. However, in other cases, band size might require slight adjustments. You don’t want your precious ring to slip off your fingers and get lost accidentally. So get it resized as soon as you can.

Secondly, you should get ring insurance. Secure your valuation documents and take photos of your ring. In addition, look into jewelry insurance options to cover any accidental damage to your engagement ring.

Make your bridesmaids list

Put a lot of thought into making your bridesmaids list. After all, your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life, and you only want to be surrounded by people that love you with all their hearts.

Think of your family members and friends who have been by your side during heartaches, breakups, and rough times. They’re the ones who deserve to stand next to you on your happiest day.

Plan your dream wedding day

Now comes the most exciting bit: planning your wedding!

It’s not as dreamy as it sounds, though. Wedding planning can be stressful for many brides and involves many steps. Here are some items to add to your wedding planning checklist:

  • Your budget

  • A guest list

  • Hiring a wedding planner

  • Determining the overall theme of the event

  • Selecting a venue

  • Selecting a catering service

  • Choosing a color theme

  • Hiring vendors (videographer, DJ, band, and photographer)

  • Shopping for your wedding dress

  • Creating your wedding website

  • Blocking out hotel rooms for guests

  • Taking engagement photos

  • Registering for gifts

  • Scheduling bridesmaids’ dress fittings

  • Booking a dinner venue

The list is miles long!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about your wedding planning, we can make it easier for you.

At Platinum Bridal, we have the most elegant collection of designer wedding dresses, wedding veils, and bridal accessories. We believe in bringing out brides’ natural beauty on their wedding day. That’s why our experienced staff will help you make the best pick based on your personality and style.

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