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5 Tips for Keeping Calm on the Big Day

Wedding day stress is real. From coordinating with makeup artists to working with catering services, brides may find themselves overwhelmed and stressed over every little thing. It is easy to get lost thinking about the long “to-do list“ and “what-ifs”.

But we’re here to help you stay calm. Everything will be perfect. Your wedding dress will be ready and picked up from the wedding dress boutique on time. Just breathe slowly.

To avoid turning into a bridezilla on your big day, here are some tips that can help you keep calm.

Have a Plan

Planning every detail on your wedding day can help you manage stress. When you plan and know exactly how everything will be done, it decreases the fear of the unknown. We suggest you write down a detailed list of every task that needs to be done, create a Google sheet, and share it with everyone responsible for the different tasks. We strongly suggest that you plan, plan and then plan some more.


Meditation helps release stress. Make sure you make it a habit to meditate for a few minutes regularly on the days leading to your big day. It will help you develop a sense of calm and peace that you will desperately need on your wedding day.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Thinking about your big day can make you anxious and keep you up all night. No one wants to wake up with puffy eyes on their wedding day. So, make sure you get your beauty sleep. Moreover, sleeping late can make you feel dull and easily tired when you’ve got a lot to do the following day. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, or listen to calming music to overcome anxiety and get some peaceful sleep.

Follow The Timeline

Add a timeline next to your task list and allocate time to each task. It will give you an idea of how much time you have to spend on each task and how much you have to spare. Time management will make you and your team more productive, and each time to tick off a task, it will decrease your stress level.

Have a Reliable Friend by your Side

Your friends can make your wedding day more enjoyable. Assign tasks to your friends, such as making behind-the-scene videos and preparing an emergency kit. If you’re worried about having last-minute issues, make sure you have a reliable friend by your side. Make sure you pick your inner circle carefully because the people around you can affect your mood drastically.

Let us help you make your big day more special. Explore our Designer Wedding Dress Collection in Denver, Colorado. We make sure to get them ready for you in time, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Schedule an appointment to book our luxurious bridal suites for your visit now.

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