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90s Wedding Hair and Makeup Trends That are Back

Just as most trends do, makeup trends have returned to the 90s. The 90s makeup trends were a culmination of a variety of styles. Grunge eyeliners, pale blue eye shadow, burgundy lips, overdrawn lips, thin brows, and glitter have become popular once again. Red lips and shimmery eyes have once again become popular and have also been seen in wedding looks. Some of the 90s trends that can help elevate your wedding look have been recommended below.

The Bold Lip

Burgundy and brown shades were very popular in the 90s. These lip shades have once again become very popular and look great with white wedding dresses. This earthy tone will also add an edge to your look or you can overline your lip with that shade. Today, there is a lot more variety than there was in the 90s. There is an infinite number of brown shades that can suit all skin tones.

Bouncy Blow Dried Hair

Look back at your favorite 90s actress or model, and they are sure to have big and bouncy hair. Voluminous hairstyles are back as they frame everyone’s faces perfectly. The style boasts a bounce in your roots and large curls at the bottom. Think of Cher in Clueless, or Cindy Crawford in her heyday when trying to achieve the blowout.

Shimmery Eyes

The eyes are made glittery to add drama to your complete look. Glitter works well on dark and light shades of eye shadow. You can cover your eyelid with glitter or dab a little bit in the corners to bring a bit of sparkle.

Glossy Lips

The 90s boasted a lot of gloss. The best part about this trend is that it works with almost all outfits and styles. It is also very easy to reproduce. Choose a natural, nude shade for your lip and cover it with clear and shimmery gloss to make your lips appear full and luscious. Choose a moisturizing gloss, instead of one that can become sticky.

Matte Skin

Clean and matte foundation was very popular in the 90s. While dewy skin looks very fresh, matte skin can make your makeup stand out. Choosing a matte foundation can help keep sweat and oils in your skin at bay. Matte foundation gives full coverage and is long-lasting. This is the perfect base for a wedding day when you have little to no time to touch up your makeup.

Butterfly Clips

Butterfly clips were one of the most popular accessories during the 90s and were used to adorn the hair. Pinning butterfly clips on your hair can give off a whimsical and fairytale look. This is a simple and elegant way to be trendy and look good.

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