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Best Gifts To Add To Your Wedding Registry

Planning a wedding is an exciting time, especially when you’re done with the major stuff like budgeting, booking a venue, and deciding the guest list. The next thing on the list is putting gifts on your wedding registry!

Couples tend to get caught up in listing cute things for their home or themselves, but they won’t necessarily be handy. Prepare a list of things you truly need and that are affordable for your guests.

If you’re running out of ideas, here are some of the best gifts to add to your wedding registry:

Kitchen aid

Baking fanatics need to get their hands on a kitchen aid! Not only does this make baking a cake easier, but it’s most effective at preparing icing and whipping egg whites too. Kitchen aids can be quite expensive, especially with all the various attachments. You can opt for the smaller one to make a more affordable gift option for your friends and family. You can always purchase the attachments later too.

Coffee maker

If you’re part of the majority, then your mornings are incomplete without a good cup of coffee. The instant stuff can never compare to good quality beans or a good quality coffee pod.

List a coffee machine on your wedding registry, preferably one that’s not too expensive.

Cake stand

There’s nothing like greeting guests at your home with a freshly baked cake displayed beautifully on the kitchen counter. Have a cake stand with a lid listed on your wedding registry, because, let’s face it, you won’t go out there and buy it yourself!

Clothes steamer

Ironing clothes to get the creases out of them takes up time and is frankly a boring task. A clothes steamer makes the process quicker since you don’t have to continuously remove creases from the clothes before ironing it.

A clothes steamer is particularly useful for heavier materials and embellished outfits.

An air fryer

An air fryer is the perfect gift for a couple who is really into fitness and health. An air fryer allows you to indulge in unhealthy snacks once in a while, while still being relatively healthy. You can prepare fries in a tablespoon of oil, as well as wings, and chicken strips.

Polaroid camera

Polaroid cameras have been such a hit. Everyone loves it, especially now that we rarely get to see pictures in print form!

Put a Polaroid camera (like the cute Instax mini) on your wedding registry. This gift is ideal for couples who love travelling or those who just love photography! You can take amazing pictures on this camera and frame them or create a string of memories together that you can hang across the room.

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