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Corona Delayed My Wedding, What Do I Do With My Dress? Wedding Dress Care Tips You Need to Know

Words cannot describe the torment you’re experiencing. What was supposed to be a special day in your life is now delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic!

As an unfortunate victim of the outbreak among many others who had to postpone the happiest day of your lives, you have every right to feel sad, angry, and frustrated about your circumstances.

Yet, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take this time to protect the efforts you’ve made for your wedding preparations. Your wedding dress, most of all, needs to be properly stored right away, so you can wear it on the day you decide to get married.

As one of the best bridal shops in Denver, Platinum Bridal offers wedding dress preservation services along with a beautiful selection of wedding dresses in Colorado. So, we know a thing or two about giving a wedding gown the proper care.

So, for our brave brides out there, here are some nuggets of wedding care wisdom that are sure to come in handy!

- Swap Out the Hangers

Is your wedding dress still hanging on its plastic hanger? If so, replace the hanger with a padded one.

Wedding dress fabrics are very delicate and can stretch with time, especially if your dress has heavy embellishments and embroidery. Adding a padded hanger will support the shoulders and prevent stretching.

- Transport the Dress Properly

If your dress is still wrapped in plastic or boxed, take it out and spread it open on your bed or a horizontal area, so there are fewer wrinkles.

Opt for a wedding dress fabric bag if you’re planning to hang it for the time being. Otherwise, your dress will end up getting stubborn wrinkles that’ll be difficult to press out.

- Hang it With Care Or Don’t Do it At All

We wouldn’t recommend hanging the dress for a long time, even if you use a padded hanger. Dresses with straps or sheer sleeves will be at risk of ripping or sagging, and heavy dresses will stretch the design. If possible, find a horizontal place to store your dress, so it doesn’t get damaged.


Your gown is one of the essential components of your wedding. Give it the attention it needs and keep it stored properly. When you finally get to celebrate your big day, you’ll want it to look as perfect as it was when you first laid eyes on it!

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