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Design Inspiration for Plus-Size Bridal Dresses

Your bridal ensemble should hug your curves and fit your body to make you feel loved, cherished, and beautiful. The paranoia about oh how am I going to fit into my dress is disempowering for brides in many ways. Why should you have to fit into it? Why isn’t it tailored to your measurements as perfectly as you expected it to be?

This is where we draw the line. Pick any dress from our bridal range, and you won’t find a complaint of tailoring, designing, or fitting in it. It’s made for you to fit you. We don’t believe in taking on impossible fitness challenges and difficult diet routines to lose pounds to fit into a dress. You look pretty with your pounds too!

Here are some design inspirations if you’re a proud, plus-size bride.

Off-the-Shoulder Silhouette with Long Trail

The idea with off-the-shoulder necklines is to reveal more skin and allow your makeup artist to contour and highlight your beauty bones. No matter how curvy you are down below, your bones are most prominent in your jawline, neck and shoulders. And this silhouette guides all eyes to your best beauty!

Moreover, the long trail accentuates the appearance of your height and gives you a taller appearance. This automatically divides the visual mass over the entire ensemble from the neckline to the tip of the trail. You can look 6 pounds slimmer with this couture trick and look gorgeous on your wedding day.

Classic Royal Ball Gown

The biggest benefit of going down the classic route is that the widening flare of the skirt conceals most of your body below the bodice. When you put on a ball gown and walk in front of a mirror, you’ll see a gown perfectly enhancing the curve of your waist and ballooning into a huge girth. You can enhance the curve even more by adding more layers under the skirt to give it a bigger look with more pleats where it attaches to the bodice.

As for the top, you can choose to get full sleeves made in a sheer lacy fabric for a royal look or off-the-shoulder sleeveless straps. A backless or low-back dress never fails to amaze, so give that a shot.

Short Dress with a Ruffled Skirt

This may not be everyone’s type but if you’re a curvy woman with shapely legs that you like to flaunt, this design is inspired by you. There’s no rule in the book that says you can’t trim the length and skip the trail for a contemporary-style short dress.

Be it a tea-length or knee-length ball gown, it’ll look gorgeous when paired with gorgeous satin court heels and legs highlighted with a touch of body shimmer to perfection. This look instantly takes a few inches off your overall look and gives your appearance a more toned appeal. Go for any fabric you like; we’ll design a bridal dress to match your expectations without fail.

We know how big of a hassle it can be to find the perfect wedding dress or wedding dress designers who understand you. Designers at The Platinum Bridal make the dress hunt easy for you in Denver. We’re a beauty-first bridal dress shop, so your body type won’t be a problem. If you want to find that perfect dress, check out our bridal store in Denver!

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