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Easy Ways To Save On Flowers On Your Big Day

Weddings are a time to splash out on flowers to adorn the reception area, ceremony area and to give to your entourage. The bill for wedding flowers can add up and easily go over budget if you’re not careful.

We understand how important flowers are for your big day, and we also understand that most couples have a strict budget for their wedding. With a few easy tips, you can save on your wedding day blossoms and use the money saved elsewhere.

Seasonal Stems Are The Way To Go

Local flowers are just as good as any other when picking flowers for your big day. These flowers are easy to source and last longer since they are in season- Roses and carnations will save you a considerable amount of money, and they come in a wide range of colors too.

Hauling-in expensive flowers from other parts of the world is very expensive, and there are many additional charges too.

Alternate With Candles

Candles are a great way to add to the aesthetic you’re trying to create for your big day while cutting costs effectively. Large candles take up space on the tables and so you won’t have to buy as many flowers. If you have multiple tables at your wedding venue, alternate between candles and flowers on every table.

Greenery Can Cut Costs

The wedding décor for your big day doesn’t need to consist of all flowers. Ferns and other greenery can be used as part of your floral décor as well. Lush greenery is comparatively cheaper than flowers and can, therefore, be used in abundance. Speak with your local florist for some dusty miller, silver-dollar eucalyptus, or other greens to make your floral arrangements look more stunning.

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