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Engagement Ring Myths Debunked

Our bridal store has been around for some years now and our staff has plenty of experience in bridal consultancy and wedding planning. Over the years, we have come across some interesting myths about engagement rings. Brides to be have preconceived notions about how an engagement ring should and shouldn’t be, limiting their options.

Here are some engagement ring myths, debunked:

Myth: The bigger the diamond, the better the ring

The concept of bigger diamonds for an engagement ring became popular in the 80s. Before that, engagement rings were quite understated. While the kind of engagement ring you choose or is chosen for you is entire between you and your partner, don’t feel the need to stick to a ring design that’s out of budget or not true to your personal style.

If your personal style is quite casual and subtle, a big rock on your finger probably won’t entice you. So don’t feel the need to stick to wearing a big diamond. If you and your partner do discuss wedding rings, let them know that you’ll be more than happy with a smaller stone that will go with your overall style and jewelry.

Myth: A flawless diamond is essential

Diamonds come in a wide range of clarities and sizes. More flawless diamonds are clear and expensive. While they are beautiful, they might not be your personal choice. Diamonds with flaws are also beautiful. They have their own character and can be incorporated into a stylish and timeless ring. If you’re looking for a unique diamond for an engagement ring, check out grey salt and pepper diamonds.

Myth: An engagement ring must have a diamond

Speaking of diamonds, there’s always pressure on the person proposing that an engagement ring should have a diamond. This is absolutely untrue. Engagement rings can have any other precious or semi-precious stone too. It’s the sentiment that should matter and not the price of the stone. An engagement ring is a sentimental piece of jewelry, but for many couples, they could use that money for other more important expenses. Many couple’s upgrade their engagement ring some years after they get married.

Myth: Colored stones are a big no!

There are no hard and fast rules about engagement rings. Couples can choose whatever stone they prefer for an engagement ring. Often the birthstone is incorporated into the engagement ring, or even a stone the bride-to-be prefers generally. Take Princess Diana, for example, her engagement ring was a Ceylon Sapphire surrounded by solitaires.

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