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Getting Ready The Morning Of Your Wedding – Dos And Don’ts

The nerves on the day of your wedding can get the best of you. It’s normal to feel nervous, after all, it’s one of the most important days of your life and so much emotional and physical work goes into planning a wedding.

There are a few things to keep in mind when getting ready for your big day as well. We’ve come up with some dos and don’ts that will make getting ready for your wedding a breeze!

Hang up your dress and veil the morning of

When you wake up the morning of your wedding, the first thing to do is hang up your dress and veil. The dress begins to develop a mild odor from sitting in the garment bag for too long. Hang up the dress and veil someplace it can breathe before you wear it. Hang it up high so you can see any areas that require some last-minute steaming.

Arrange for food and beverages for your crew

Getting ready for a wedding takes time. All your family and bridesmaids have to get ready and it takes hours. Make sure everyone eats before they begin getting ready. A nutritious breakfast will keep them energized for the happening day ahead. Preorder an array of food for your wedding morning, complex carbs are great for keeping you full. Also have water and coffee available for your crew, leave the champagne and wine for later in the day.

Have extension cords for beauty tools

With so many people getting ready for your big day, you need to have sufficient outlets for beauty tools. Hairstyling tools, the airbrush, UV light for last minute, nails and other tasks all require an outlet. Have a few extension cords available on your big day so that people don’t have to wait around to get ready.

Eat and stay hydrated

Even though you’re nervous and probably not in the mood for food, make sure you stay hydrated and eat something before getting ready. Bridal hair and makeup take hours and then there are photos and so much more to do. Have something that will keep you full for a good few hours. You don’t want to be feeling dizzy at your wedding ceremony, after all, you want to remember this moment in the flesh for the rest of your life!

Don’t drink too much before the ceremony

Brides tend to have a drink before the wedding ceremony to calm their nerves. Be aware of how much you’re drinking, you have an entire day ahead of you. Leave the alcoholic beverages for your reception.

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