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Guide to Choosing Bridal Hair Pieces For Your Big Day

Whether you choose a veil to go with your bridal look or not, bridal headpieces are a fantastic accessory to invest in. It’s the one day you get to go all-out, so why not?

However, there’s a lot to consider before you pick your bridal hairpieces. Our experts are here to guide you through the process of choosing the best wedding hair accessories for your bridal look:

Your hairstyle determines what you can and cannot wear

Choose your hairstyle for the big day well in advance. Speak with your hairstylist to determine whether or not the style you’re looking for is possible with your hair and if it will suit your face shape. Once you’ve got the all-clear for your hairstyle you can move on to hair accessories.

The hairpiece you choose will have to be in line with the hairstyle you’ve chosen. In most cases, hairpieces have to be worn with an updo or a half updo. If you plan on keeping your hair loose, you’ll need to check ways to keep the hairpiece in place.

View the headpiece from all angles

When you go wedding dress shopping, get a good look of the dresses you try, from all angles. The same goes for the veil too. When trying on your wedding hairpieces, get your bridal assistant to take a picture of your hair piece from all angles, so you’re satisfied with the way it looks.

The color of the metal matters

Wedding hairpieces are made of metals, especially those with crystals in them. Since the color of the metal is quite visible, make sure it’s the same color as your jewelry. If you’re wearing platinum or white gold, the metal of the hairpiece should be silver, if you’re wearing yellow gold or rose gold then the metal used in the headpiece needs to be a warm tone too.

Keep your veil in mind too

The kind of veil you’ve chosen for your big day also determines how your hairpiece sits on your head on the big day. You could have a simple veil that lies flat across your head or one that incorporated ruffles and folds, keep that in mind when choosing your hair accessory, if your veil is detailed, then it’s best to keep the hair accessories paired down.

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