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How to Be Positive When Your Wedding Gets Delayed

Having to postpone your wedding because of the COVID-19 outbreak can make you feel pain and anguish at a personal level.

Couples around the world were simply not prepared for what was coming their way when a strain of the novel coronavirus was announced to be plaguing citizens in Wuhan, China, in November of 2019. A few months down the line, more than 2.8 million cases have been reported, and every industry—including the $78 billion wedding industry—is suffering from cancellations and delays.

These are uncertain times. And having to practice social distancing is not only limiting your movement, but it’s also forcing you to wallow in that bubble of sadness and negativity.

Hear this, bride-to-be!

You have every right to be sad and angry. But don’t let grief overwhelm you. While your wedding is delayed, this doesn’t mean you can’t still have a ‘dream ’day. Because that’s the great thing about dream plans, you’re not just limited to one!

So, “adapt, improvise, and overcome!”

Adapt to the Circumstances

We’re not asking that you forget everything. But focus on your values and the bigger picture. Don’t keep your feelings bottled up. Sometimes, even finding a sympathetic shoulder to cry on can make a world of difference.

At present, bridal boutiques in Denver, Colorado, aren’t allowed to open as per CDC guidelines. However, on May 9th, Platinum Bridal, is reopening while following certain limitations. So, talking to your boutique now will give them time to prepare for your appointment.

Improvise and Improve

Didn’t initially have the time to create handmade candles to accompany each table setting as a wedding favor? Order all the necessary tools online and get busy! If you’re at home with the family or even your significant other, recruit them for the task and turn your home into a candle-making factory. Not only will this be a fun opportunity for everyone to bond, but it’ll also be a more productive way of spending all this extra time as well.

Alongside this, take this time for self-care. Wedding planning alone is stress-inducing. Delaying it may have wreaked havoc on your mental health. Treat yourself and have a bubble bath or two. Practice breathing exercises and get proper eight hours of sleep. Take the time out to focus on strengthening your mental capacity. And talk to your partner about their grievances. It was their special day too, after all!

Overcome Challenges

Prepare for your big day, even if it’s delayed. You’ll still get married to the love of your life, and you’ll still have a dream wedding. It’ll just be a little different than what you had initially thought, only better!

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