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Just A Pop Of Color! 5 Ways To Add Color To Your Big Day

Wedding décor trends change from season to season. Deeper tones work well for winter weddings, earthy tones are great for fall weddings, and bright fun colors are essential for spring and summer weddings.

Brides often don’t want their big day to be too bold when it comes to color, which is why you rarely see extremely bright bridesmaid’s dresses. However, a few pops of color here and there won’t go amiss!

Here are some unique ways to add color to your big day:


Wedding cakes are the showstopper of the reception. Some coupled tend to go all out with the cake, incorporating many tiers and various flavors for guests. Some couples might ditch the cake completely for an alternative dessert.

Add a pop of color to your evening with a colorful cake or dessert. Fresh flowers, geode cakes, and marble glazed cakes are all great examples of colorful cakes that will make the reception more colorful.

Bridal bouquet

The tradition of carrying a bridal bouquet began hundreds of years ago. Flowers are considered a symbol of fidelity, and fertility, hence why they play such an important role at a wedding. The scent of flowers was also used as perfume. Herbs were entwined in bridal bouquets as their strong smell was believed to ward off evil.

As a pop of color on your big day, you can always opt for brightly colored flowers in your bridal bouquet. These will make for great photos too.

Bright flowers

If you think brightly colored flowers for your bridal bouquet is a bit much, you can always skip it and use it for the flower arrangements. Brightly colored flowers will surely lift the mood of the venue too.

A hint of color in your jewelry

Bridal jewelry adds to your ethereal look on your big day. Instead of the usual silver, white gold, platinum, or gold jewelry, opt for jewelry pieces with a hint of color in them. Blue-toned precious stones look good with cool toned metals, while pink, yellow, and red go well with warm colored stones.

Bright pom poms instead of confetti

Confetti is the most exciting part of the wedding ceremony! As the bride and groom make their way out of the ceremony guests shower them in confetti. While confetti is great, it’s the usual. To make your wedding ceremony unique, hand out brightly colored tiny pom poms to the guests. This will make s stunning photo opportunity for the photographers too. It will look like you’re walking amidst colorful rainfall.

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