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Lace 101: The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Right Lace for Your Wedding Gown

A great wedding dress is all about the intricate details and fine designs that come together in perfect unison to create a gown that flaunts your natural features. The lace is a crucial aspect of these intricate details that make you look like the best version of yourself on the big day.

Since every bride has a different vision of what she wants to look like on her wedding, a lace is supposed to help the bride turn her vision into reality—whether you want striking lace for a romantic wedding vibe or a minimalist one for a chic yet sophisticated wedding, the right lace can help you achieve the look easily.

Let’s take a look at the types of lace to pick out the best one for your dream dress.

Knit lace—versatile and exquisite

A knit lace is a soft lace that lacks a tulle back, making it much more versatile and flexible. It’s designed to settle nicely on the contours of your body without hindering the bride’s range of motion. In addition to that, the gorgeous designs exhibit a kind of symmetry and floral detail that’s subtle yet visible from afar—making this the perfect pick for a wedding in any season!

The abundantly detailed Chantilly lace

The Chantilly lace is known for its outline pattern and the abundant detail that can be easily added using fine threads. The patterns are strikingly outlined with a flat untwisted strand of thread for a distinct bridal look.

Guipure lace for a touch of floral beauty

Guipure lace is a stiff lace that comprises of motif patterns that are connected through net and mash or bars and plaits. It predominantly showcases floral designs that can also be beaded with pearls and sequins. Guipure lace is a perfect way to add a feminine depth to your overall wedding look.

The sleek and sophisticated embroidered lace

Embroidered lace has a range of delicate patterns that are closely stitched to give off the illusion of a base. It makes use of a heavier thread that starkly outlines the intricate design details of the dress. This type of lace is the easiest to work with if you want to give more depth and dimension to your wedding dress by layering it up with a few pieces of sequin lace.

Eyelet lace for the ultimate Boho-style wedding

The eyelet lace makes use of a simple and light fabric to incorporate vintage wedding style designs using fine threads. This type is perfect for those brides who want to create a vintage or Boho aesthetic by mixing it up to match a modern bride’s wedding day look.

Point D’ Esprit for a simple yet fun bride

The Point D’ Esprit appears as a thin tulle that has a multitude of woven dots in oval shapes. The minimalist outlook of the lace makes it perfect for a bride who wants to keep it simple and elegant on her wedding day. This type of lace gives off a light and airy look that can be built up in texture with multi-layering.

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