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Mistakes To Avoid When Saying I do To The Dress

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Choosing the dress to say, “I Do” in, is one of the most exciting experiences of your life. Not only is this the most important dress you’re ever going to wear, but it’s going to be the most beautiful one too.

Weddings are all about the dress of the bride, let’s be real! 68% of women spent less than $1000 on their dress for the big day while 18% of women chose to wear a second dress to their wedding reception.

However, many brides make some common mistakes when shopping for their wedding dress. Our experts list down these mistakes:

Taking along too many people when shopping for the dress

Choosing a wedding dress is an intimate moment for the bride. Most women tend to get emotional about picking a wedding dress. They either find the dress of their dreams and shed a tear or two of happiness, or they get frustrated if they can’t get what they are looking for.

The wedding planning process is stressful and emotions will run high. It’s best to take a few people with you even though you might be tempted to take the whole entourage.

It’s also essential you take the right people along with you. Conflicting opinions on the dress you choose can really dishearten you and dampen the mood of the fitting. Bring along those people in your life that truly get you, who won’t be looking for a wedding dress that they like, but one that suits you.

Setting an unrealistic budget

There are many aspects of buying a wedding dress that you need to consider. Brides-to-be often state a budget within which they want everything to be arranged—the wedding dress, its alterations, the shoes, and accessories. That’s quite unrealistic.

Make sure you save up enough to get the wedding dress you truly want while being able to afford the alterations to make it fit you like a glove. Restricting yourself on a budget only means you can try on fewer dresses.

Not being open to newer styles

When shopping for a wedding dress, the majority of brides have a vision in mind that they want to achieve. It’s great to have an idea about what you want but that doesn’t always mean it’s going to suit you.

Be open to trying on a number of different wedding dress styles for your big day. Trying on different silhouettes will allow you to better judge what looks good on your body. Restricting yourself to a particular style will only limit your choices.

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