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Say Yes to the Dress: How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Big Day

At our Denver bridal boutique, we see brides-to-be daily, looking for the perfect dress for their wedding. It’s easy for them to get stressed out and worked up trying to choose the gown they walk down the aisle in—after all, it’s one of the most important days of their lives!

That, along with the kind of pressure brides are put under to look absolutely perfect on their wedding day, makes it difficult for them to make a choice they’re completely at ease with.

We hope that some of the following tips and tricks can help make the decision easier when you swing by our store to pick out your wedding dress:

Spend some time researching and build a mood board

It’s important that you look at what you like before your appointment. Look at brides whose dresses you love—and by love, we mean absolutely adore—because it’ll help you understand your style preferences. Save these reference images when you visit us. This will help us help you.

Come with an open mind

Often, what a bride wants isn’t the right fit for her. The style might not be ideal, or the material undesirable or she might be playing it too safe—or too risky. We work closely with brides of different body types and styles so we might make a few recommendations. Be open to alternatives because you never know what you might find!

Understanding bridal sizing

Bridal sizing is bigger than typical dress sizes so don’t be alarmed if you’re even a couple of dress sizes too big. It’s also important that you select your dress in your true size, even if you plan to lose weight by the wedding. Final fittings and alterations can make it smaller, but it’s harder to loosen a smaller dress.

Find styles that flatter your body shape

Different body types and shapes look best in different dresses; for instance, pear-shaped bodies do well with fitted waists! Of course, it’s your choice at the end of the day, but if you’d prefer to dress based on your body shape, ask your consultant.

Pick fabrics suited to the weather and venue

Sheer chiffons aren’t the best idea for outdoor winter weddings the same way warm velvets aren’t great for summer. Depending on your venue—indoors or outdoors—and date of your wedding, ask your consultant for suitable materials.

Remember, happy brides are the prettiest and your wedding dress should reflect you! Do what brings you joy and don’t let this weigh you down. Ask questions and go for the dress that speaks to you the most! Book your appointment with us today for a consultation on bridal dresses and accessories.

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