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Shimmery, Sophisticated, and Regal: All You Need To Know about Bridal Wedding Trains

Picking the perfect wedding dress for your big day is like making a layered trifle. Each layer adds a distinct taste to your palette and each component is supposed to complement the others to create the perfect blend of flavors.

Wedding dresses aren’t much different. Each component of the dress needs to complement the overall look of it to convey the sophisticated and effortless beauty that a bride is supposed to radiate on her big day.

One such important element is the train of the wedding dress. Every girl dreams of looking like an ethereal beauty in white and the bridal wedding train is the perfect element to add that touch of class.

Let’s take a look at how you can pick out the wedding gown train!

Why is choosing the perfect train so important?

A wedding gown train is an extended fabric of your wedding dress that’s attached to your shoulders like a cape. It’s designed to trail behind the bride as she walks down the aisle.

A wedding grown train has the potential to transform your wedding dress completely and that’s why careful consideration is required when choosing the right one for your dress.

Not only should you focus on the material for the train but also how it goes with the overall design of your dress and whether it’ll flatter your features.

Let’s take a look at the different types of wedding gown trains.

Types of wedding gown trains

Since wedding gown trains come in different fabrics, designs, and lengths, take a look at some of these so you can pick one that will add intricate detail to your wedding day look.


The Whatteau train is attached to the shoulders of the bride or the bodice of the dress. Bridal gown designers take inspiration from the wedding dresses worn in the 18th century England to create the body of the train.

The Whatteau trains are perfect for those brides who want to add an elegant yet whimsical feel to their strapless wedding dress.


This one is the shortest of all wedding trains and is also called the sweep. The specialty of this train is that it barely touches the floor—making them perfect for adding a bit of glamour to an informal or casual wedding setting.

The Sweep train is ideal for weddings that take place in outdoor locations. Since it doesn’t touch the ground, the bride doesn’t have to worry about the train getting caught in a branch as she walks down the aisle.


This is one of the most popular wedding gown train choices. It starts from the back of the waist and extends about 4 feet to the ground. The design is versatile, elegant and adds a dramatic look to the wedding gown without causing a lot of difficulty for the bride when she’s walking.


This type of train is often called the Monarch train as they’re frequently used in bridal dresses for royal weddings. It extends up to 12 feet from the waist and is perfect for a formal and luxurious wedding event with an upscale event.

A Cathedral train that extended up to 9 feet was worn by Kate Middleton on her wedding day.

While it may seem easy to decide the best train for yourself, it’s ultimately up to the designer to incorporate that style in your wedding dress.

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