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Spring Wedding Menu Ideas

Deciding the menu of a wedding is both the most fun and most exhausting since there’s so much to consider. You have to take into account the weather, guests invited, dietary restrictions, wine pairings, food fit for the kids, etc. To help make this process easy, here are some incredible spring wedding menus to choose from:

A fresh spring menu

1st course: White asparagus soup

Asparagus soup is the soup for the season. It’s mild in flavor, but rich in texture. Make it more luxe with some truffle oil!

2nd course: Grilled asparagus and mortadella slices

Spring is the season of asparagus and so make the most out of it! Grilled asparagus makes for the perfect side with cold cuts like mortadella. Make sure it’s dished up well with some microgreens and edible flowers.

1st course: Grilled scallops with a creamy sauce

Scallops are an amazing ingredient to have on your wedding menu. Their mild flavor and amazing texture make them ideal for a first course. They can absorb flavor really well too, and, so a creamy and fresh sauce would pair perfectly with it.

2nd course: Smoked trout Vichyssoise

This soup is the perfect spring recipe as it can be served warm or cold. The basis of this soup is a traditional potato and leek. However, the addition of the smoked trout brings that smoky and umami flavor to the soup.

3rd course: Beef wellington

A classic beef wellington is a piece of art. It’s quite difficult to get spot on. The puff pastry has to be crisp, the mushrooms seasoned to perfection, and a tender piece of beef in the center. Serve it up with some gravy on the side, and your guests will be amazed!

4th course: Rice pudding

Rice pudding is a simple dish that can easily be elevated to a restaurant-quality dessert. It’s creamy, comforting, and light on the palette too. Top it with rhubarb, mint, and edible flowers as garnish.

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