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Sun-Kissed Elegance: 4 Summer Wedding Trends to Look Out for This Season

Thanks to the sunshine, the upcoming months are the ideal time to host a wedding, especially if you’re planning to have an outdoor wedding. The summer season calls for the celebration of love and togetherness, which is why many couples love having a summer wedding.

However, you will need some inspiration to start planning for your summer wedding, such as getting a wedding dress or finding a wedding venue. Wedding trends change every year, and this year is no different. This blog will highlight some 2023 summer wedding trends that will dominate this season. Keep reading to learn more.

1.Candid Photos

Gone are the days of stiff poses and stern smiles in wedding photos. This season is all about carefree candid photos that capture real emotions and movement. The expression and authenticity of such pictures are a welcome distraction from the rigid poses we usually see in wedding albums.

Cinematic flash photography is the latest trend to give your images a theatric vibe and unique aesthetic. For instance, blur images or black-and-white shots are all the rage nowadays.

2.Vibrant Color Palettes

While an all-white theme has been the top choice of couples for a long time, it is slowly being replaced by more festive and vibrant color schemes and themes. Pinks, reds, and earth tones are the trending color palettes for this summer season. Not only the wedding dress but the décor is also more colorful and vibrant, making it ideal for a summer wedding during the day.

Moreover, the location of your wedding venue also affects the color scheme you choose for your wedding day. For instance, peaches and pinks will work wonders for a beach wedding during the day as they will beautifully complement the sunlight.

3.Deconstructed Wedding Cakes

This type of cake features separate cake tiers on the table instead of all the layers stacked on top of each other. This allows for more variety in the cake types, styles, and flavors. It will create aesthetic visuals, and guests will be able to enjoy cakes per their preferences.

4.Going All Out

After a long time of socially distanced gatherings, couples are expected to go all out on their weddings this year. From extravagant décor to floral displays and elaborate wedding dresses, get ready to see some over-the-top celebrations of love this summer season.

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