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The Bride’s Guide to Stress-Free Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Katherine Heigl’s wardrobe in 27 Dresses was something all those who’ve been bridesmaids are familiar with. The array of dresses ranging from beautiful, brightly colored gowns to the most monstrous looking numbers reminded us all of the things we don’t want to wear to our best friend’s wedding—or ever.

The concept of a bridesmaid is for the bride to have her favorite girls by her side of the big day. Somehow the bridesmaids’ dresses end up looking quite hideous, from fear of upstaging the bride. But that’s just unfortunate and unnecessary because your girl squad is meant to uplift you! Any good bride would want her friends and loved ones to be comfortable and feel good at their wedding. After all, it’s a happy occasion for everyone, right?

Pick your wedding dress out in advance

It’s essential that you focus on your dress before anyone else’s, as the bride! Book your appointment with our bridal boutique which is in Denver, CO and pick out the perfect wedding dress and bridal accessories so you can think of what they’ll be wearing in relation to that. If you’ve decided the theme and decor of your wedding as well, that’s even better!

Keep the dress affordable

Keep in mind that most bridesmaids will be paying for their own dresses. Take their lifestyle into consideration when choosing them. If you plan on buying them for everyone, you want to be mindful of your own budget too! It’s a dress they’ll probably wear only once and keep for memory, so don’t overdo it.

Find styles and colors that will suit all of them—inclusivity is key!

Different people will have different skin tones, body shapes and sizes, personal styles and so it’s important that they all feel included and heard. Buy them dresses that they can wear comfortably and look good in. Take one or two bridesmaids’ help to pick a color that works for all of them. It should flatter their skin tones and complement your dress too! Here are some colors that you can pick from.

Order well in advance for alterations and changes

Take them with you to fittings and trials so they feel included in the process instead of being handed clothes to wear. Fittings and alterations take a while so be sure that you place your orders at least a few months in advance to avoid mishaps.

Enjoy the process and the time you get with your bride squad! It’s a truly unique and intimate experience.

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