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The Perfect Match! Gown Styles For Each Body

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

With as many body types in the world, there are an equal number of dress designs to suit them. We’re 100% on the bride’s side when it comes to being particular about what you want to wear. It’s your day and nothing makes it dreamier than the happy couple owning every moment of it. The wedding dress is a major detail that simply can’t be ignored—or prepare to face the bride-zilla!

Be it your neckline, or your curves, a wedding gown should accentuate your beauty in places you wish to flaunt. Here’s a whole collection of flattering wedding ensembles filtered according to body types that’ll surely win you over.

Pear-shaped bodies

Ball gowns are the perfect designs that’ll look best on pear-shaped bodies. Since your waist is the narrowest part of your upper-body, it’d be smart to draw attention to it. A fitted bodice to highlight your bodacious curves and a voluminous skirt that flares from the hip downwards will certainly look elegant and royal. A bride must make an entrance that wows everyone and a ball gown will do exactly this and more! Not to mention the customary couple dance before the festivities will look nothing short of dreamy with you twirling like a princess in that gown.

Hourglass bodies

Very few women are blessed with the right balance of bone and mass that gives them the ideal hourglass charm. If you’re one of them, nothing will enhance your beauty more than a mermaid or fit to flare dress. If you know what you’ve got, there’s no reason to not show it off.

A form-fitted bodice with a plunging neckline and a narrow-trimmed waist will hug your curves beautifully. Flaring around or below the hip, the dress will have a beautiful train to mark your path as you walk. You can personalize it further according to your taste with a lacy bodice embellished with beads or crystals.

Apple-shaped bodies

To find the perfect dress for your body, all you need to do is apply the basic concept: A for apple. Apple-shaped women look absolutely ravishing in our a-line dresses that not only adds a few extra inches to your height but also makes the torso seem slimmer in comparison to the lower body. This is hands down the most popular style that brides choose to go for because it’s safe and equally attractive as anything else. This will not only fulfill your dream of appearing slender but also focus more on your bust appeal!

We’re one of the most prominent bridal boutiques in Denver and offer the best bridal wedding gowns and bridal accessories in the area. If you’re on the lookout for the perfect dress but haven’t found one, that’s because you haven’t stepped foot in our bridal store yet. Visit us and see that we mean every word that we say.

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