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The Best Tips for Deciding on Your Wedding Day Makeup

Your wedding day is one of the most special occasions of your life. It’s a day that’s all about you and one that you get to feel like your most beautiful self. Of course, makeup isn’t necessary to feel beautiful, but everyone wants to feel pampered and spoilt on their special day, right?

But choosing the right makeup look isn’t as easy as opening a Pinterest board and deciding. You’ll want to consider a few different factors before settling on a final look:

Look at your features and what you want to focus on

Being intentional with your makeup is crucial. Don’t just go with whatever looks good on a random model or an idea you have in your mind. Spend some time looking at your features, like your skin tone and undertones, eye shape, face cuts, and other details about how you look. This will allow you to step back and know what you want to focus on the most, whether it’s your eyes, mouth, or enhancing your face cut.

Find inspiration and references for your desired look

Now that you know which features to focus on, look for reference photos and looks. Check out celebrities, influencers, models, Pinterest images, and other brides with similar features to help you see what works best. Once you’ve found a few options, go with what looks best to you.

Some people may prefer heavier, more evident makeup, while others prefer softer, subtler looks—the options are endless.

Think about your wedding gown when brainstorming ideas

When you’re trying to narrow down the type of look you’re aiming for, think about your wedding gown too. For instance, soft, shimmery makeup may look beautiful with a sequin-heavy gown, while a bold lip and clean eye work better for sleeker, more modern cuts.

When choosing the type of makeup you’re going for, always factor in your wedding dress because it’s about the complete look, not just a single element.

Your makeup artist should be able to guide you on this too. They can help you figure out what family of eye shadows to stick to, or how heavy your lashes need to be, or how bold or muted your lipstick should be.

Remind yourself of a time you felt confident and beautiful

Most importantly, learn to trust your gut. Think of a time that you felt beautiful and confident and good in your skin. Think about how you looked that time, what made you feel good, whether it was natural-looking makeup or a bright pink lip, and talk it over with your artist so they can help recreate parts of that for you.

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