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Tips For Accessorizing Your Wedding Dress

Accessories make or break a look. They are an integral part of a bridal look, in particular. They can be used to complement or elevate a bridal look. However, when the wrong pieces are put together, it can look over the top and mismatched.

There are many aspects to bridal accessories than jewelry alone. Our experts will help you choose the best accessories for your big day with these tips:

Less is more

Some brides feel like they need to look more “blingy” than usual on their wedding day, going over the top with their bridal accessories. Always remember that less is more when it comes to a natural bridal look. While you might be tempted to wear a statement neckpiece and earrings, opt for either of the two. In fact, our bridal consultants will agree that staying low-key with jewelry is probably the best way to achieve a timeless and elegant look.

If your dress has plenty of volume, sparkles, texture, or an intricate silhouette, subtle jewelry is the best choice. Likewise, an intricate wedding dress calls for a simple veil that can let the dress shine.

Bling up your dress with a belt

For brides who want to accentuate their waist, a sparkly belt or sash is ideal. It cinches you in at the waist and makes your dress more unique. Other embellishments you can add to your dress are bespoke straps for a strapless dress or custom sleeves for a sleeveless dress. These alterations will cost you a little extra money, so make sure you keep some aside for later.

Choose your bridal shoes wisely

Depending on the kind of day you have planned, you can go for heels, stilettos, or even flats for your big day. If you have a long day planned and intend on dancing the night away, opt for super comfortable shoes. Expensive Louboutin’s aren’t the best choice for such a wedding; your feet will be numb for days. However, if you're planning to elope or have an intimate wedding that will wrap up in a couple of hours, you can opt for more glamorous shoes. For more comfortable shoe options, look into wedges, kitten heels, and flats.

Platinum Bridal is a leading bridal store in Denver, where you can find your dream wedding dress for your big day. Our bridal boutique has been around for many years, serving the brides of Colorado, and helping them find a dress for their unique style. You can also find amazing bridal accessories like veils, sashes, trains, and jewelry, along with designer wedding wear.

Brides interested in visiting our store will have to book an appointment with us. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we follow strict SOPs to ensure your safety. Visit our website to learn more about our COVID-19 policies.

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