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Tips for Preserving Your Dress Over the Years

Whether or not there are freshwater pearls embellished on your wedding dress, you still want to keep the dress as fresh as your memory of your beautiful wedding. The dress becomes a token of love and remembrance for the vows you exchanged and the rings you put on your finger that day. And like you can’t bear to see your ring fading and losing its sparkle over time, you can’t live without doing all you can to keep your dress safe and intact. Here are some tips for preserving it for years.

Protect from Light and Air

Think of putting your dress in an air-tight mason jar and locking it in a dark closet for years. That’s how much you have to protect it from sunlight and air. The humidity in the air oxidizes the embroidery and embellishments and tarnishes their original look. The sunlight can bleach the color of the fabric to the point that it looks dull and dusty instead of the lustrous white you wore on your wedding day. Seal your dress carefully in a plastic bag and vacuum the air out of it. Place it in a box and store it in a safe place.

Protect from Insects

Don’t forget to place a few insect repellants in the box or bag you place your dress in. Over time as the storage box goes further back in your wardrobe, it gets distant and inaccessible. The dress may be out of sight, out of mind for you but not for critters lurking in nooks and crannies to attack. Insects like moths and carpet beetles feed on old fabrics and if they find a way to your wedding gown, it may become their feast. There will be gaping holes and chewed off hems in case the critters find a way to your dress. Protect it from them at all costs.

Dry-Clean and Preserve Frequently

Whether or not you have to wear your dress again, it’s always best to invest in preserving it. Get it dry-cleaned as per the designer’s recommendations and take it to a dress preservationist if need be. They’ll know what more to do to keep your dress in pristine condition.

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