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Tips on Choosing Bridal Accessories

Planning a wedding is a stressful process, but an equally rewarding one is the process of choosing your wedding look. The dress, shoes, jewelry, and accessories you choose for the big day all contribute to what you’ll look like on the day.

Once you’ve made up your mind for the overall look you’re going for and you’ve chosen your special dress, it’s time to move onto choosing bridal accessories.

Here are some of the best tips out there on picking bridal accessories for your big day:

When it comes to accessories, stay true to your style

On your wedding day, your partner and the guests at your wedding want to see YOU. Don’t try too hard to be something you’re not on your wedding day. Keep this in mind when choosing your wedding dress as well as the accessories.

If you’ve ever watched the Sex And The City shows, you’ll recall how Carrie Bradshaw wasn’t true to her style the first time she was on her way to marrying Big and that wedding never happened. When they do eventually get married, she stuck to her style when it came to the dress as well as those fantastic Manolo Blahnik blue shoes.

If your day-to-day style is very simple and minimalistic, choose accessories that reflect your sense of style. There are many bridal accessories out there; you will surely find something that has your name written all over it.

Keep the accessories toned down

While it’s tempting to go all-out with your wedding accessories, always keep them toned down. The jewels you’re wearing are an accessory to your whole look; they tie it together and therefore shouldn’t be the main focus.

In fact, our bridal consultants at  Platinum Bridal urge brides to let their beauty shine on their wedding day instead of their Accessories.

Matching metals helps keep the look cohesive

While mixed metals are a great street style that can be sported on the daily, the same doesn’t hold true for your big day. Since the whole bridal look is quite formal, it’s best you stick to matching the metals you’re wearing. If you’re wearing a platinum necklace, make sure your earrings, bracelet, and additional rings match it too.

Have fun with your shoes

Wedding shoes are rarely visible even when you walk, unless you’ve chosen a midi dress for your wedding or a jumpsuit. If your wedding shoes aren’t going to be viable on the big day, consider having a bit of fun with the shoes you pick.

Most brides end up picking an expensive pair of white or silver heels for their wedding, which ends up looking too ‘bridal’ to wear later on. Choose a pair that you love and will get a lot of wear from after the wedding too.

Balance the necklace and earrings out

One main tip you should strictly follow on your wedding day is maintaining a balance between your necklace and earrings. If you’re choosing a sparkly pair of statement earrings, you can keep your neck bare.

On the other hand, if your necklace is quite big and sparkly, you can pair it with studs. Your hairstyle for the day should also complement and show off the accessories you choose. Don’t let your beautiful tresses cover those sparkly earrings.

Platinum Bridal Colorado is a Denver-based bridal boutique. We carry some of the best wedding dresses since we have one of the largest wedding dress inventories in the area.

Our bridal assistants help you through the entire process of picking the best look for you, along with the dreamiest dress you could ever imagine. Check out our designer wedding collection. We also carry wedding accessories to complete the bridal look. Contact us at (303) 428-8000 to book an appointment.

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