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Wedding Countdown: Ways to Keep Calm in the Days Leading up to the Wedding

Planning a wedding is a memorable experience. You want to enjoy the process and make memories during the entire planning process. However, sometimes it ends up becoming a stressful time for brides.

The urge to micro-manage everything to perfection leads to stressed and panicked brides-to-be. Here are some tips for you to stay calm before the big day because happy-stress-free brides are the prettiest

1.Plan Ahead

It’s your big day; you must have taken a gazillion inspirations from Pinterest. You have been daydreaming about how the event would look, but the actual work starts with planning it on paper. Start planning the wedding months before the actual event. We advise you to get a planner and put your thoughts into words. This way, you can go over the details repeatedly and make the changes with time.

2.Manage Time Efficiently

Wedding planning requires a lot of time to achieve everything according to your will. If you’re a full-time working woman, don’t leave stuff to be managed at the last minute, or worse, don’t burn the midnight fuel to make things work. Take days off or hire a wedding planner to sort things out.

3.Take Help from Loved Ones

Brides like to be perfectionists; they want to micromanage everything themselves. Brides wish to handle everything themselves, from the venue to the flowers on the aisle, menu, and mats on the tables.

Your loved ones are there and would probably be happy to help you out in the entire process. Make the decisions yourself but let your crew help you make your wedding a memorable experience. Trust other people and try not to panic over minor details.

4.Sort out the Wedding Dress Beforehand

The wedding dress is an essential part of the wedding for a bride. Walking down the aisle in your bridal dress feeling the gazes of everyone on you is probably every bride’s dream come true moment.

However, finding the perfect wedding dress that would leave everyone in awe when they see you in it is a hectic task. Choosing the bridal dress requires a lot of time and effort; you’ll have to think about which designer to choose, which type of gown would look good on you, what fabric is better, veil or no veil, and gazillion other concerns. It’s better to pick a dress a month or two before the wedding. Please don’t leave it for the last moment; get the dress and plan other details of your bridal look accordingly.

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