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Wedding Dresses for a Petite Bride

A wedding dress is the one outfit you must feel your absolute best in. However, when brides-to-be visit bridal boutiques to try on dresses, the experience might not go as planned. Most brides have a false perception in their minds of how the dress will look on them.

It’s easy to get carried away and expect a certain wedding dress that’ll make you look like the model in the picture. However, you need to remember that these models have a slim and tall physique. The way a certain dress looks on them isn’t exactly what it’ll look like on you. Most brides don’t know, but the models wearing those dresses are between 5’10” and 6’0”!

If you’re on the petite side, finding a wedding dress that suits your physique might be a problem. Here are some tips that’ll help you find the best wedding dress:

A-line dresses even you out

A-line dresses are some of the most universally flattering ones you can get your hands on. It’s one of the most popular choices for brides since they’re comfortable to wear throughout the night too.

A traditional a-line wedding dress is fitted to the waist. It then flares out gently to form an ‘A’ shape. A-line dresses can be made with more rigid fabrics to emphasize the silhouette or with more flexible fabrics so that the dress moves and flows with you. An A-line dress elongates your figure, making it perfect for a more petite bride.

Sheath wedding dress emphasizes the figure

Sheath wedding dresses are those that skim the body and fall to the floor once they cross your hips. Such dresses give a dreamy and soft look to any bride. Such dresses are made with softer, more flowy fabrics, making it easier to dance the night away in.

The soft look of this dress, coupled with its slim silhouette, makes it perfect for petite brides. A sheath dress can also be made with soft laces, if that’s the look you want to go for.

Trumpet wedding dress for a dreamy silhouette

A trumpet wedding dress looks similar to a mermaid-style dress, but there are a couple of differences. There isn’t any definite start and stop line for the bottom skirt that flares out. Compared to a sheath wedding dress, a trumpet wedding dress shows off the figure even more.

Volume isn’t your friend

While ball gowns might have been what you envisioned your wedding dress to be, a flared dress isn’t great for a petite physique. Your petite physique is hidden behind layers of fabric, which do the opposite of elongating your figure. Stick to slimmer silhouettes for your big day; there are many dresses that can help you get that princess feel without the volume.

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